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Your Personal Sleep Coach Is Here!

Putting our children's needs first is our parental instinct.  You have followed your instincts perfectly to Rested Darlings!  Whether you are looking for answers to a few questions or full sleep programs, I work directly with you to solve your sleep issues.  No pre-recorded videos here- all personalized attention only.



“It takes a village to raise a child and as a pediatric sleep consultant, I am part of that village.”

- Daniella Costa, Pediatric Sleep Specialist

What if I told you that you were only a few days away from getting a full night’s rest again?


Instead of replacing that soother for the 586th time that night, bouncing, or rocking  your precious little one, what if your baby could sleep through the night all on their own? 

Already tried a method you read off a web article that seemed to work at first but now come to struggle again?


Imagine if you put your baby, toddler or child to sleep with just a hug & kiss and the next time you see them is in the warmth of the morning light, well rested and happy as a clam! And with no more "REGRESSIONS".


This isn’t just a dream, this can be your reality.

Hi there! I’m Daniella. I became a Certified Sleep Specialist because discovering the power of healthy sleep habits was the single most influential experience in my young motherhood. My family’s life was so positively impacted by discovering healthy sleep strategies, I made it my career to be a resource for struggling parents who are in what can feel like darkest side of parenting.


Sleep affects every aspect of life. From baby’s milestone development to even one's relationship with their spouse. Teaching healthy sleep habits creates happier, more confident children and even happier families.

What led me to this most rewarding career?

When I became a first time mom with a baby that had severe sleep troubles, it felt as if I was thrown into the deep end with no raft or skill to swim.  I felt alone in my problem, like an immediate failure as a mother because her baby couldn't achieve the most basic thing - sleep!  Trying to read a book on how to get my baby to sleep was like trying to read about learning to swim while attempting to tread water.  I didn't have the time, the energy level nor the patience to read through the various baby sleep books while in the thick of sleep deprivation.  I didn't know anyone who used a solid sleep training program to my standards.  The internet was (and still is) a sea of misinformation with some extremely misleading and contradicting methodologies.  I made some mistakes and I made some triumphs in my personal sleep journey. 

Over the last 7 years I have been passionately learning everything about pediatric sleep. This passion led me to my become a  Certified Sleep Consultant, so that I could become a resource for those mothers who are in the same boat as I was in - in desperate need of support.

With all the info on the web, why hire me to help you?

Of  course, you can learn about baby sleep and various sleep training methods in the many books and websites out there.  As a certified sleep consultant since 2020, I am your one stop shop for everything related to pediatric sleep.  In my professional training, I have studied the topics of sleep science, toddler and child behavioral management, even pediatric nutrition. I mentored under best-selling author of The Sleep Sense®, Dana Obleman in which I gained an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience.  I am professionally trained and certified to help you through any of your child's sleep issues. 


My customized Sleep Plans are holistic, meaning I don't tell you how to "make your baby cry it out".  There is no one-size-fits all mentality when it comes to sleep training, which is why many, many people fail when attempting the basic versions.  My sleep plans are 100% customized and individually tailored to your child's needs.  My programs are deeply founded in sleep education, nutrition and psychology taking you through what to do and why throughout every single day of our time together.  Bump in the road?  Not a  problem because I'll be with you, guiding you through it to get you right back on track.

I love helping people above all.  It is compassion and empathy that keep this world turning! If you find that your child is having sleep challenges I would love to help and start on this new journey together.

The Rested Darlings Approach

Instead of using a “cookie cutter” approach, my unique system lets us work together to find the method best suited to YOUR child’s sleep habits and unique personality.

I will take the time to understand your situation and design an effective plan tailored to you while providing guided support along the way.  

I incorporate sleep education into all my programs which is a vital component for long term success.  I use gentler and proven methods that help your child wean off current sleep associations or 'props' that are hindering quality sleep. 


Within 2 weeks, I will help you get you to your family's personal sleep goal.

Sleeping Newborn
Happy Baby

Sleep Packages

Mother with baby in arms.jpeg

NEW: Newborn Starter Kit Guide 

This extensive Newborn Starter Kit will teach you everything you need to know about newborn sleep. Learn what makes newborn sleep different, common challenges and how to avoid them. This is a well rounded guide that includes both a bonus Preparing For Baby and Postpartum Recovery section to help make your newborn experience a little easier. When we feel better prepared, it helps give us clarity, positive mindset and courage for the milestone ahead.

This guide is for you if you:

  • Are a 1st/2nd/any-time Mom that wants to get your newborn the best sleep possible and avoid associations that lead to sleep training down the road.

  • Know what to do from week to week through out newborn-hood.

  • Like to have a plan and more organized perspective on the next few months ahead.

  • Download this guide instantly here.

Looking for extra support throughout the first 3 months?  My support package gives you up to 6 phone calls to help carry you through the rapid changes in sleep.  To be used anytime between 3 weeks up until 4 months old.  Support package sold separately.    

The complete guide + support package makes a thoughtful and valuable gift for a baby shower!  Contact for Gift Certificate and support package inquiries.


Newborn Darlings Sleep Plan + Support


For infants 3 weeks - 3  Months 


Your sweet darling is here!  It’s a beautiful yet demanding time and you want to be able to enjoy this newborn stage, not just survive it.  We will start this journey together by educating you with gentle tips for healthy newborn sleep by providing you with a newborn education guide and private 45 minute consultation. I will help guide you all the way through the newborn stage with regularly scheduled phone calls and email support from 3-12 weeks of age.


Little Darlings Sleep Plan Programs

Babies from 4-23 months  


Just when you thought you were on your way to better nights, have you found your old habits of getting baby to sleep have evolved to take longer and become more complex?  The dreaded 4 month regression is not only real but is a crucial time to get on the right track with sleep. This package will identify and correct any sleep issues and guide them into sleeping 12 hour nights – yes 12 HOURS!

jumping on the bed 2.jpg

Lil’ Big Darlings Sleep Plan Program

For Children 2 –10 years  


It’s never too late!  It is our responsibility to teach our children life skills and good sleeping skills is absolutely one of them.  A well rested child is more even tempered and more eager to learn. No matter what the sleep habits are currently, this 4-6 week package will teach your child independent sleep skills, address any issues of anxiety that they may have around bedtime and help them feel comfortable and confident staying in their room the rest of the night.

*Length of program and price determined upon assessment.

All Sleep Plan programs are customized to your induvial needs. Details of Sleep Plan programs can include:


- Sleep Evaluation

- Nursery/Bedroom Assessment
- Customized Sleep Plan 

- 90 minute One-on-one Virtual Consultation to go over every step of the plan
- Follow-Up Telephone Calls for Support and Guidance

*Premium Programs Include:
- Unlimited Instant Messaging Support 
- Future Success Packet

- Customized Travel Sleep Plan or Illness Regression Plan 


Don't Need A Full Sleep Plan?  Other Services That Can Help:

Sleep Strategy Call $50

Need some guidance through a current leap or milestone that's affecting sleep?  Wondering how to wean baby off night feeds?  This  (no time limit) call will address your specific sleep struggles and offer a detailed strategy on how to get sleep back on track.

Nap Transition Program Starting at: $99

Going through some funky naps these past few weeks?  It may be time to drop a nap!  My Nap Transition programs get naps where they should be for your little one's age.  This program includes a full Sleep Evaluation, a private consultation meeting to go over the Nap Transition plan and 3 weeks of phone call and email follow up support.


Add-On Services:

Rested Family Plan 

If you have an another child of similar age who may have some sleep challenges as well we can add a plan for them at a reduced cost.  Price determined by age of additional child.

Extended hours text support  

You can lean on me in your time of need!  I offer live text support through out the first nights of your sleep journey to help you through it and guide you along the way.  

For any questions on my process, what my services entail or just want to chat about your sleep struggle email me at:

Sleep Packages
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