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About Rested Darlings


Daniella Costa

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I’m Daniella. When I became a first time mom with a baby with severe sleep troubles, it felt as if I was thrown into the deep end with no raft or skill to swim.  Trying to read a book on how to get my baby to sleep was like trying to read about learning to swim while attempting to tread water!  Now, as a mother of 2 toddlers I have spent the last 5 years passionately learning everything about pediatric sleep. That passion led me to become a Certified Sleep Consultant and my mission is to help

parents through this most trying part of life. Sleep affects every aspect of life from baby’s milestone development to one's relationship with their spouse.  I firmly believe teaching healthy sleep habits creates happier, more confident children and even happier families.
I love helping people, even more than the topic of sleep! If you find that your child is having sleep challenges I would love to help and start on this new journey together.

My Philosophy

Every child is different and there is not one book on sleep that is one size fits all.  I have studied sleep science and every baby sleep method out there.  I will save you the time, endless research and the trial and error of trying various methods.  

We will work together to decide on the approach that is right for YOU. I will take the time to understand your situation and design an effective plan tailored to you while providing emotional support along the way.  We are in this together!

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